INL Work​

INL 138-kV Transmission Loop Power System Upgrade

INL's Power Systems engineers assessed the existing INL 138-kV transmission system in 1993 and prepared project justification and project planning documentation (in general) to enable an upgrade project to proceed. INL's Power Systems Engineering Department has provided complete design and analysis services for the INL 138-kV transmission loop and its six associated substations. An upgrade of the INL loop, designed by Power Systems personnel, was completed in 1997. This project consisted of transmission line upgrades, a sub​station replacement, and the design and installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to control and monitor the transmission loop and its substations. The 138-kV transmission loop SCADA system is based on the integration of substation programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with a graphical user interface station located in the system dispatch.

CPP Electrical and Utility Systems Upg​​rade

INL engineers assessed the existing electrical and utility systems at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant in 1994 and prepared project justification and project planning documentati​​on to enable an upgrade project to proceed. Department engineers designed an upgrade to the electrical utility systems. This upgrade completely revamped the medium voltage distribution system, installed a new standby generating system and modernized the overall power system.

Advanced Test Reactor​​

Power Systems personnel have performed numerous design and analysis tasks at INL's Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) over the years. These tasks range from a short-circuit and relay coordination study​​ for the ATR to switchgear replacement specification.

Test Bed Evaluation and Develo​​pment

INL is an applied engineering laboratory active in developing state-of-the-art instrumentation and new sensor technologies. We have several technologies under development and will provi​de specific data on request as appropriate. We offer exhaustive independent technology validation and verification assessment with excellent protection of intellectual property.

Private I​​​​​ndustry

Idaho Power Com​pany

Power Systems personnel participated in a half-year exchange program with the Idaho Power Company and studied the use of distributed generation to enhance the po​wer system reliability in a remote Idaho Power service area.

Regional Wind​​

INL personnel have been active with the Idaho wind working​​ group and many new developments have used Idaho wind anemometer information.​