DOE Wind Energy Technology Testing Facilities



Advanced modeling capabilities can incorporate real-world data, hardware and software into real-time simulations. At the INL Power and Energy Real-Time Laboratory (PERL), there is diverse expertise and the ability to co-simulate electrical, thermal and mechanical systems. The laboratory also can integrate with microgrid test beds and simulation resources at other national laboratories. Augmenting PERL capabilities in real-time simulation are RTDS and Opal-RT assets located at the INL campus.


  • On-site microgrid including micropower sources controlled via power electronics that look to the grid like a single controlled unit
  • Chroma 61850 grid emulator, to mimic real-world events in the power grid, outputting single-phase or three-phase voltage and current in AC or DC form
  • Control Hardware in the Loop (CHIL) and Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) simulations that enable researchers to evaluate both algorithm and hardware performances in real-world settings.
  • High speed connectivity capability between PERL and NREL has demonstrated the feasibility to perform power simulation investigations on a continental scale.